Coastone G30 - DOUBLE TAKE!

No, you're not seeing double!

Having supplied a CoastOne G30 press brake to a customer in The Midlands, they were so pleased with the quality of product and extra productivity, that they promptly ordered another one.

The G30 features an O-frame just like all the G-Series press brakes. It deflects less than a conventional C-frame while still remaining lighter. The G30 has five servo driven ball screws which crown and bend simultaneously. Due to the servos’ high accuracy, the upper beam can be CNC deflected to “follow” the lower beam seamlessly. This is the unique direct crowning system gives you a great bending result. 

Other benefits include a massive 600mm open height/daylight gap, and a 280mm Y axis stroke.

In addition to servo technology’s superior kinematic, it also saves the environment. No hydraulic oil eliminates expensive oil changes, spare parts, valves and maintenance expenses common to hydraulic press brakes.  It is also faster, more reliable and uses less power than a traditional press brake.

Win, Win!