CoastOne Electric Press Brakes: Software Solutions for Enhanced Productivity


CoastOne, a leading manufacturer of high quality electric press brakes, offers cutting-edge software solutions to optimise bending processes. These solutions streamline programming, improve accuracy, and reduce setup times. Let’s explore the advantages of CoastOne’s software offerings.

Radbend: The Comprehensive Offline Programming Solution

Radbend, developed by RADAN, is CoastOne’s go-to offline programming software for press brakes. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  1. Full 3D Simulation:

    • Radbend provides a complete 3D simulation of the bending process.

    • Operators can visualise the entire sequence, including tool movements and part geometry.

    • This simulation minimises errors and ensures precise results.

  2. Automatic Bend Sequencing:

    • Radbend analyses the part geometry and automatically determines the optimal bending sequence.

    • It considers machinery best practices, resulting in efficient programming.

    • This feature reduces downtime and speeds up production.

  3. Automated Tool Selection:

    • The software suggests the most suitable tools for bending a specific part.

    • Operators can make informed decisions based on expected radii, press depth, and other parameters.

    • Tool setup optimization leads to consistent bends.

  4. Finger Stop Positioning:

    • Radbend automatically positions finger stops against valid faces requiring them.

    • Accurate finger stop placement ensures precise bending angles.

    • This feature simplifies setup and improves productivity.

  5. Shop Floor Documentation:

    • After programming, Radbend generates comprehensive setup sheets.

    • These documents include all relevant information for the shopfloor.

    • Operators can quickly set up the machine tool based on the provided details.

Benefits of Using Radbend

  1. Reduced Downtime:

    • Fast and reliable offline programming minimises machine idle time.

    • Operators can prepare programs without interrupting production.

    • Downtime due to programming errors is significantly reduced.

  2. Shorter Lead Times:

    • Efficient programming translates to quicker turnaround.

    • CoastOne’s software ensures that parts move from design to production seamlessly.

    • Reduced lead times benefit both manufacturers and customers.

  3. Collision Detection:

    • Radbend detects collisions between tooling, finger stops, and the machine tool.

    • Operators can address potential issues before they occur.

    • This prevents costly manufacturing errors and ensures safety.

  4. Machine Independence:

    • Radbend works with any press brake machine tool.

    • Manufacturers can use it across their fleet of machines.

    • This flexibility opens up the software to a wider audience of employees.

  5. Accurate Unfolding:

    • Even with imported 3D models, Radbend provides accurate automatic unfolding.

    • This feature simplifies the transition from design to bending operations.

  6. Increased Production Flexibility:

    • By programming and verifying bending operations offline, manufacturers gain flexibility.

    • Bottlenecks are reduced, costs are optimised, and efficiency improves.


CoastOne’s electric press brakes, combined with Radbend software, redefine precision, productivity, and ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned operator or new to electric press brakes, explore CoastOne’s electric press brake solutions and elevate your metal fabrication capabilities!