C12X Brake Press

C12’s taller brother provides a bigger daylight compared to the standard machine. It allows more versatile bending capabilities and tooling options. Besides the additional height the C12X is much alike the standard C12. It features 2 ball screws and a maximum bending length of 1300 mm.

Coastone’s signature servo driven ball screws make the machine accurate but also very environmental friendly. The lack of hydraulic oil eliminates expensive oil changes, spare parts, valves and maintenance expenses common to hydraulic press brakes.


  • Wila (US style) tooling

  • Promecam (European style) tooling

  • Lazersafe safety device

  • Tilting front table

  • Z1-Z2 axis

  • Cone TC15 control with 15” screen

Why you should choose CoastOne Brake Press

Quality, Accuracy, Unique

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